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Tuggen Facility

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Overview of the new facility

Grey = sliding surface for training manoeuvers with limited grip
Yellow = Training room and office

With our new facility in Tuggen, we really stroke out in new directions. Flexible tubes embedded in the ground, water fountains and polystyrene blocks belong to the past – and so does the danger of damaging the paintwork. The facility’s new main feature is a contactless measuring, signaling and simulation system offering a wide range of new possibilities in a modern driving training environment.

Verkehrszentrum Tuggen is among the most modern training centers in Switzerland and guarantees optimal and safe training on a high level.

Light-controlled obstacle course

The facility has an automatic obstacle avoidance system, an area for curve training and a state-of-the-art sliding surface. With the high-performance LED lamps embedded in the tarmac, we are able to simulate moveable and static obstacles. The system automatically recognises the vehicle type and its speed and calculates the deceleration time until the activation of the obstacle. A laser measures and evaluates the driving manoeuvre, and the result is immediately shown to the driver on a large display. This technique is also applied in the area for curve training.

Adaptable training facility

Our instructors can radio control the facility, which enables them to immediately receive results and all necessary information. They are in direct contact with the drivers and can therefore evaluate their behaviour and take appropriate training measures for driving and breaking. Our facility offers 14 different training scenarios, for advanced drivers even in random mode. In addition, a sprinkler system can be used to simulate rain.

Tuggen facility: Facts and figures

November 2007

Betti, Tuggen, Switzerland

ca. 10'000 m²

mobile information system, light-controlled obstacle course, curve training, special surfaces, training and class room, state-of-the-art multimedia equipment


Compulsory drivers ‘education courses (WAB 1 and 2) as well as other courses

Operating time

Monday to Sunday