New driver WAB1 course

Compulsory drivers ‘education course (WAB1) goals

  • Gain experience in driving curves and breaking
  • Strengthen or change your awareness for risks and accidents
  • Improve your social behaviour and your safety skills
  • Achieve an individual assessment, gain practical experience due to different manoeuvres
  • Be aware of dangerous situations and their consequences
  • and know about impairment due to alcohol and drugs

Who needs to attend WAB?

Our courses are for new drivers, i.e. for anyone who applies for a category B provisional licence for the first time after 1 December 2005 or who has turned 18 after that date. As soon as the new driver has completed the compulsory drivers ‘education courses and the probation period without any incidents, he or she can request the permanent driving licence.

Compulsory drivers ‘education course (WAB1) content

The first course day will last around 8 hours, with groups consisting of 6 to 12 participants and subjects will be:

  • Introducing instructors and schedule
  • Meet and introduce course participants
  • Define rules and collaboration
  • Talk about your personal relation to driving
  • Increase your awareness for accidents
  • Identify and avoid dangerous situations on the road
  • Analyse a traffic accident caused by a risky behaviour typical for new drivers
  • Learn how breaking distance changes when speed increases
  • Know about a safe following distance depending on speed and breaking distance
  • Acquire and deepen knowledge about laws of physics
  • Experience how to drive curves – slowing down is the only safe option

Drive safe with WAB!

Our WAB courses combine thorough training and education with the right mixture of theory and practice.

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