What are WAB courses

Important information about the two-stage training for new drivers

It is possible to join one of our WAB courses (compulsory drivers’ education course) even if you live in another canton.

two-stage training

Why is there a probationary driving licence?

Over the last years, new drivers caused many traffic accidents and that is why a new law came into force. Since 1 December 2005, new drivers have been given a probationary driving licence. This is an important step to reduce traffic accidents caused by news drivers. The probation period lasts three years, unless the driver commits a driving offence that will lead to revocation of the licence and therefore prolong the probation period.

Legal basis?

Article 15a, road traffic act from 14 December 2001.

When do I have to apply for a probationary driving licence and for what category?

Anyone applying for a category B provisional licence for the first time after 1 December 2005 will receive a probationary driving licence after passing a theory test and a practical driving test. The probation period lasts three years.

Who is not issued a probationary driving licence?

Anyone who already holds a permanent driving licence for categories A or B.

When do I receive a permanent driving licence?

The responsible road traffic office will issue the permanent driving licence at a new driver’s request at the end of the probation period when he or she has attended the two days of compulsory courses (WAB 1 and 2).

What do I learn during the compulsory course?

The compulsory drivers ‘education course will enable participants to identify relevant factors that contribute to dangerous situations and how to deal with them. In total, the course takes 16 hours, spread over two days. The first course shall be taken within 6 month after receiving the probationary licence, the second before the end of the approbation period.

Course length:   8 am to 5 pm
Course costs:   WAB1 course   CHF 370.00 (weekdays)  /  CHF 400.00 (Saturdays)
    WAB2 course    CHF 420.00 (weekdays)  /  CHF 450.00 (Saturdays)

New driver WAB1

New driver WAB2